Why every company needs a marketing toolbox! (Part 1)

You may think that just because you run a regular ad in the local newspaper or you have got to grips with social media then you have “marketing” covered! Well I’m sorry to rain on your parade but really effective marketing means that you have to be engaging in lots of different marketing activity.

The simplest way of thinking about this is to imagine a tradesmen with his toolbox. Would that toolbox be of any use to him if it only contained a hammer and a screwdriver? I doubt it! As a business owner you should have a marketing toolbox and it should be well equipped. The more marketing activity you engage in the more success your business will have, there is a caveat here of course in that the way you do your marketing is as important as what you do.

My marketing toolbox would include:

PR – cost effective tool to communicate with your target audience in a “non sales” way.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Four Square, Pinterest , amazing media to connect with your target audience and they just require your time.

Website – for most businesses a website is the foundation of their marketing. At a basic level it provides a reference point for what you do, on a more sophisticated level, with an e-commerce site, it can generate sales.

These are just some of the activities in my marketing toolbox, if you would like to find out more please contact Elaine Carr from thebestofhaverhill – www.thebestof.co.uk./haverhill or call 01440 710158.

Elaine Carr
The Best of Haverhill


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