Is your finger on the pulse of your business?

Successful business people say that the most important thing in business is to always know what is happening with your finances. The more you know and the quicker you know it, the easier it is to make informed decisions, snap up opportunities and nip potential problems firmly in the bud.

Through the course of 2014 a number of my clients have taken advantage of Xero, an online accounting package which allows you to access your accounts, check balances, upload receipts and invoice customers from anywhere you can get internet access, using a smart phone or tablet. It has changed the way they do business – they are delighted with both its simplicity and the flexibility it now gives them.

With Xero, you can arrange to have your bank statements automatically imported for reconciling easily and gain a complete and up-to-date snap shot of your business from anywhere at any time. It can even make payroll easy!

For my clients, this has meant that they are able to raise invoices the minute a job is done, and they are able to track when the invoice has been opened. More importantly, Xero allows for invoices to be paid online right away and this feature in particular is key to helping my clients to maintain their all-important cashflow.

If you’d like to make your bookkeeping even simpler and save money on your accountants’ fees, give me a call today and I’ll show you how Xero could work for you.

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