Is your business capable of growth?

I’ve recently been accepted as an approved GrowthAccelerator Coach and been incredibly impressed with the success of the service.

The service was started to help businesses achieve controlled, accelerated growth through the provision of tailored coaching programmes, access to high-growth workshops and match funding for training. It’s a unique service led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists and co-funded by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.

“Evidence shows that 67% of SME owners have an aspiration to grow over the next 2 – 3 years but only about 20% will actually grow.”

“Companies that have used professional coaching have seen a return on their investment of 7 times their initial investment.”

These two facts are part of the reason that Growth Accelerator was started and why over 15,000 businesses are already benefiting from the service.

What challenges can GrowthAccelerator help your business overcome?

  • Differentiating from the competition
  • Bringing scale to your business
  • Retaining and developing customers
  • Leveraging working capital
  • Accessing finance for expansion
  • Creating a more efficient business operation
  • Retaining and developing customers
  • Creating a pipeline of new products and services
  • Finding and winning grants for innovation
  • Understanding, protecting and exploiting IP
  • Embedding a culture of innovation
  • Building a high performance team

Is your business eligible?
If your business is registered in England and you believe it can double turnover, profit or number of employees in the next three years, please give me a call and I’ll help you to discover if the service is right for you.

Ann Hawkins is a registered and approved GrowthAccelerator Coach. For more information, you can contact Ann directly on: 07711 705038

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