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Decanting – should we or shouldn’t we?

In recent months the question of decanting wine has been debated at length. For those of us entertaining friends and family over the festive season, this is a timely debate. Perhaps the most obvious question is “Should wine be decanted? And the second is “Which wines, if any, improve most by being decanted?” Is it […]

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Are you like Marmite?

Love it or hate it, Marmite prevails. In fact their marketers have created a campaign around people’s extreme response to their product. Risky, you might think, but they’re not trying to change minds, they’re reminding their fans! And what can we learn from this? If like me you are in the service industry then we […]

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Thinking outside the box

Many of my clients and colleagues will know me as an established book-keeper who is now approaching a milestone twelve years in business. While on the one hand I am immensely proud of what I have achieved, at times, I am secretly bemused that I have come this far. I suppose I’ve always been someone […]

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Why every company needs a marketing toolbox! (Part 2)

This month we take another peek inside the marketing toolbox to discover more marketing activities that we can employ to promote our business and raise awareness of our offer. Networking – imagine being able to converse 1 to 1 with people who might be interested in your product/service or who know someone else who might […]

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My lesson learned

“In business you can only be who you are.” The process of generating new business can often be a process of self-delusion and consequential disappointment. You get everyone who matters in the boardroom and decide which clients you’d like to win. What sectors you would like to be in. Which brands would look good on […]

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Lesson learned from a first year business

I guess, given the heading, this short piece will focus on what may have been negative moments, but nonetheless, and this leads directly into my number one tip for lessons learned, these negative moments were actually opportunities to learn. I am grateful for all the things that didn’t quite work out initially, for the new […]

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Ten things that should be on your invoices

I have said before here that a sale is not a sale until the money is in the Bank! So …one of the best ways of ensuring you get paid is making sure your sales invoices are complete, accurate and easy to pay! 1. The obvious ones … Business Name, Trading Name and Address, Company […]

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