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How much is too much?

At first sight, the more often you make contact with people, the more impact you will have. This applies to all ways of making contact such as emails, forum posts and tweets. However there has to be a balance. Posting too often can be counter productive. If you send out too many messages, the recipients […]

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Keeping HR Simple

I think it’s fair to say that HR isn’t always at the forefront of business owners’ minds. Especially where small businesses are concerned, we’re all wearing a number of different hats, depending on what part of the “to do” list we’re focussing on at the time! The general perception is that HR is complicated, cumbersome […]

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Managing your business effectively

Being able to make informed decisions about your business will allow you to manage it effectively and maximise profits. There are 10 financial management tools that I believe most businesses must have in place if they are to be run effectively: 1. Understanding cashflow The old favourite, but key! Good quality cashflow reporting on a […]

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Put a little Spring in your step!

Spring is often a time of year when our focus turns towards clearing out the old and making way for the new. In business, it can be a time when projects launch and new initiatives begin. In a thriving small business, the launch of a new project is an exciting time. For some, however, it […]

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Lessons in happiness

How to be happy! In 25 years in business I’ve met lots of people who describe themselves as successful but not many who describe themselves as happy. I’ve always believed that whatever we want in life, we need to make an effort to get it and that happiness is no exception, so I asked people […]

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