Are you like Marmite?

Love it or hate it, Marmite prevails. In fact their marketers have created a campaign around people’s extreme response to their product. Risky, you might think, but they’re not trying to change minds, they’re reminding their fans!

And what can we learn from this? If like me you are in the service industry then we find ourselves anxious for everyone to like us. And there lies our mistake. If everyone wanted to do business with us we’d struggle to cope and, in reality, with many people we wouldn’t do a very good job. And that’s the key.

You want to do a really good job. There are some clients who really get what you do, they love what you do and get tremendous value from it. They’re your biggest fans … they rave about you, pass referrals all the time … they build your business for you.

Then, there are the others. They don’t know or can’t commit to what they want, you’re not sure how to deliver and so they can’t possibly be satisfied.

Step away … stop being a people pleaser … work out who you love to work with, who loves what you do and target them.

Jill McCulloch, of Coach You, is a Certified Co-Active Coach and Marmite lover.

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